WSET(全称:Wine&Spirit Education Trust),Founded in 1969, the British Wine and Spirit Education Foundation is dedicated to high-quality wine and spirits education. Since its establishment, WSET has gradually become the leading international organization in the field of wine and spirits education, and has the right to grant a series of hot wine education certifications. For many wine professionals, WSET certificates are a symbol of the professional knowledge and authority of wine, so most of the licensees will be proud of it.

Training Program
This certification course is aimed at the beginners of the wine world. It teaches you the basic knowledge of the wine world in the form of hands-on practice. Students can understand the main styles and types of wine through visual observation, olfactory smell and taste, and master the basic skills of accurately describing wine and the combination of food and wine. After successful completion of this course, you will receive a WSET certificate and a badge.

Suitable for crowd
This qualification certificate course belongs to the industry entry level, introducing the elementary knowledge of wine. It is suitable for the inexperienced novices and front-line salesmen in the hotel and wine retail industry, as well as for ordinary wine enthusiasts who want to master the common knowledge of food and wine matching.

Learning content
1. Main Types and Styles of Wine
2. Common grape varieties and their characteristics
3. Principles of Food and Wine Matching
4. How to store wine and serve wine
5. How to use WSET first-level system wine tasting method (SAT) to describe wine

Training wine
All training wines are selected by the instructor.

Teaching form
In the form of face-to-face teaching, the completion of this certification course requires attending at least six hours of face-to-face learning provided by authorized WSET teaching institutions.

Assessment of learning outcomes
The results of the study are evaluated by a closed-book examination. The language of the examination is Chinese. It takes 45 minutes to complete 30 single-choice questions. The correct rate is 70% or more. Qualification courses are supervised by the Office of Qualification and Examination Management (Ofqual).

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